No Party Affiliation For District 9 As A Council Member Essay

No Party Affiliation For District 9 As A Council Member Essay

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Georgette Gomez is running for district 9 as a council member. Although, there are no party affiliation for districts. She advocates herself as a Democrat. She is running up agains Flores Ricardo who also claims to be a democrat. Luckily, I have been assign to Georgette Gomez who is the only one supported by the Democratic Party. According the San Diego County Democratic Party website, their official candidate for presidency is Hillary Clinton. It also checked out Georgette Gomez under San Diego City Council for district 9(Official Democratic Voter Guide). With this, information, I can base my investigation on Democratic Party. The Democratic is the oldest party and it has long history that dates until now. The Democratic Party is a political position.
The Democratic Party dates back to 1792. There was two faction mainly the Federalist and the Anti-Fedaralist which is the root of the Democratic Party today. It was not an official party but an idea to emphasize anti-monarchial views and to oppose Alexander Hamilton 's Federalist Party. The federalist called Jefferson 's faction the Democratic-Republican Party(The Ed. Of Britannic). It was not the official name but later on 1798, it was officially adopted as its official name when John Adams was elected president in 1796(ibid). The Democratic-Republican Party would become popular and dominate, soon the Federalist faded. The Democratic-Republican Party would later split, hence, the emergence of the the Democratic party. According to Lansford, “Following the War of 1812 the nation entered a period dominated by personal politics. Jefferson 's party split into factions, the National Republicans and the Democrats(par.4)”. The Democratic Party divided into two. Southern Democrats insiste...

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...icardo Flores.According Brent Beltran, “Georgette has been active and engaged in City Heights as a member of various boards and projects since she’s lived there over the past eight years(par 4)”. Her previous work, Environmental Health Coalition, also helped her to be viewed as caring community leader and to be known as an environmentalist.
“She helped bring the first Farmers Market to City Heights, helped secure over $20 million for walking, biking and public transportation improvements in D9 and helped develop an ordinance that allows urban gardening in the city(Brent).”
Georgette, have been helping to community. However, running for district 9 council member, people view her lack of experience in politics as opposed to Ricardo 's experience working under Emerald which was the previous council member which made him look like he is groom to be the politician.

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