No Memories Of The Rat Race On The Earth Essay

No Memories Of The Rat Race On The Earth Essay

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“Dear friend and colleague,” Tamarind said in a hushed voice while embracing Surina and then Nieves. “Surina, you look well! You will soon be as thankful as I am to come to Gnaritus if you aren’t already. My children joined me on Gnaritus recently, so my family is now complete. Indeed, I spent the happiest years of my life right here. I have no fond memories of the rat race on the Earth. Only here did I understand the real meaning of gaining knowledge without an ulterior motive such as money or fame. I can also assure you that the Spatium Borough Hospital far exceeds every conceivable quality measure due to their unsurpassed attention to detail. Essentially, patients in this hospital are lucky to get the best care in the universe!”
“Surina, I have to dash as my first patient is already waiting for me,” Nieves added as she frantically darted towards the door. “I’ll see you at the clinic this afternoon.”
“My clinic will begin in another hour as well, but at least we can talk a little while longer,” Tamarind added in a low soft voice so as not to disturb those who were meditating. “I organize the lectures at the Gnaritus University’s Medical School, so may I add you to the roster of lecturers? These medical students possess a genuine thirst for knowledge and are such a delight to teach! By the way, just over there is Fergus Wittenberg!”
Dr. Fergus Wittenberg was Surina’s former classmate at the University of London Medical School. Both of them had secured a position at the Greysville Quadrant Hospital after graduating from their subspecialty training in cancer. Although he built a very productive research laboratory, he ran afoul of Stinguard by challenging his research methods. Consequently, Stinguard’s political machin...

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...n left Toben and Diola struggling for words.
“We are blessed with two grandchildren already!” Diola said, wiping away the moisture from her eyes. “The messages from Earth seem to be fewer and further between, over the past fifteen years. Communication will cease altogether between the two planets eventually, and we will go our separate ways. In essence, we already have. Does Mercy even know about Toben’s diagnosis of lymphoma?”
“No, she never mentioned anything to me and I’m sure she would have,” Surina revealed as she glanced at the laboratory results. “It is too sad for words that she doesn’t even know.”
“Perhaps a reason for them to filter messages about births or illnesses in families is to curtail requests for travel between these two planets,” Toben suggested. “Or maybe, they just want to limit all communication regardless and keep it at a bare minimum.”

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