No Means Silence : Sexual Assault On An Ivy League Campus Essay

No Means Silence : Sexual Assault On An Ivy League Campus Essay

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No means Silence: Sexual Assault on an Ivy League Campus
For every five robberies in America there are four sexual assaults of women and for every two sexual assaults of college women there is one robbery(Rainn). Sexual Violence is an epidemic at college campuses across the nation compared to other crimes but it is something that does not want to be discussed in detail by the Universities. Institutions for higher education do not want to deal with these kinds of cases because they are lengthy and can cause problems within the institutions when it comes to receiving applications from prospective students and receiving money from donors because who wants to be associated with a school that has a problem with sexual assaults? And the answer is no one so they neglect the problems they have by stating that they do not have a problem. “in 2012 45% of colleges reported no sexual assaults (Washington Post). Colleges do their best by trying to keep their crime statistics low but by doing this who they are really hurting is the victims instead.
Harvard University is one of the oldest and the one of the most prestigious Universities in the nation. Harvard also is a “privatized” University which it became between the years of 1830 and 1870, which was the beginning of Harvard’s high status. By 1870 Harvard became funded by private endowment because Harvard’s board became members of its upper-class alumni rather than the political and ministers that had dominated the board since its founding in 1639. The institution its self has seen a rise in population since it first began, going from one student to having over 20,000 students in attendance. Today Harvard University is known extremely well for its notable alumni such as T.S Elliot (Nobel pr...

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...drop out. With Universities not doing much to get justice for the victims of these assaults there is a lack of victims wanting to report or come forward. 89 percent of women who are sexually assaulted on Campus do not repot (need citation). A majority of the women who are sexually assaulted do not go to their school’s campus police or administrator to report because there is a culture of victim shaming and victim blaming. Victim shaming/blaming is provoking the victim to feel bad about themselves, administrators will ask questions such as “were you drunk?”, “did you give him the wrong impression?” or “what were you wearing?”. By asking these questions the victim will begin to look at their self and draw attention away from the crime that actually happened. This is a way deflect from the problem and make the victim feel bad for making a complaint in the first place.

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