No Man By The Rap Artist / Poet, Kendrick Lamar Essay

No Man By The Rap Artist / Poet, Kendrick Lamar Essay

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Accommodating for lost time can be a struggle, however education is the perfect key to allow a human a better diagram for survival in this world. Mortal Man is full of the reality that is blinded to society, because they have been confused by the experience of the struggle. Comparing two poems written within the song titled Mortal Man by the rap artist/ poet, Kendrick Lamar, provides an opportunity to engage in the Burkean Parlor; discussing the experience of the struggle and the proper way to survive through it. There is credibility of the struggle without mistakes of not knowing how to deal with the initial interaction; mistakes do not always lead to success; it is just an excuse to repeat history. Kendrick Lamar’s work provides evidence that the experience of mistakes can be avoided while dealing with the struggles leading to the success of being freed, because there is a positive leadership, an opportunity to establish a legacy, and a movement to change unwritten tradition.
Positive leadership provides lessons from those who have encountered negative interactions of mistakes based on the desire for a positive outcome. During the experience of the struggle, an adolescent may feel the need to idealize an individual with a similar background, to help develop a dream. Lamar has referenced many black leaders, such as Nelson Mandela, who have influenced him to strive to become more than just a statistic of the struggle. It is important for one to analyze the structure as a guide straight to success; using mistakes of the individual as lessons for self and to avoid consequence. “Misusing your influence [and]/ Abusing my power/ [I am left] full of resentment” (Poem 1 2 and 4). One may regret following the footsteps of a historian and...

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... have a chance at a free life.
“Even though people encounter different experiences in life, it takes the struggles and lessons of a mistake in order to really feel the aspects of life.” But this is incorrect because a person just needs to create a plan as he experiences the life around him, in order to avoid flaws; he must follow the laws of right and wrong as he prepare for his independence in the world.
Knowledge is the key to becoming successful in life; no matter the pain and the struggles, people need to avoid repeated experiences in order to break the cycle of life. Mortal Man speaks so much truth to those amongst the struggle, but the album is self speaks volume to the minority cultures facing difficulty in society today. According to Ex “To Pimp a Butterfly is not an announcement; it’s a conversation” (Ex 44). So join the conversation and help the epidemic.

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