No Impact Man by Colin Beaven Essay

No Impact Man by Colin Beaven Essay

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Today's society is one in where everyone is always too busy thinking about the rush of their own lives. It is hard to simply sit down and think about the impact one has on the world. If there ever is a thought put into how the human race has affected the earth it is usually about the good things and not what has been harmful. Lately a few individuals have stood up to try to "save" the earth and tell everyone how the world is being damaged by the way we live. One of those individuals is Colin Beavan, who published the book No impact Man. In this books he embarks a journey where he goes a whole year trying to have zero impact on the earth. In such book he describes how he is trying to not just save the earth but also influence everyone else in doing the same. It all sounds like a great thing to do but trying to make an impact and change the way people are used to living is something quite almost impossible. Saving the enviroment is someting in wich everyone has to put effort into, but no one is interested in doing such thing
There are doubts as to wether global warming exists or not. Global warming is the increase in the earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution.(cite) Beaven mentions in the book how he sees an increasing number of girls in tank-tops wich must mean the weather has increased a lot due to all the global warming. There the book starts to imply that just because so many girls wear tank-tops it is immmediatly because of all the global warming on the earth. The truth is that not only hot temperatures have increased over the years but also places all over the wolrd have experienced extreme cold wether. Je...

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...en there is only one thing both sides are trying to get from such project, which is money. The way to get people involved is to make to get the message across. There are probably a vast amount of people who where not aware of what this man was trying to accomplish, and that means that somewhere along communication failed.
With todays society it is hard to get everyones attention about a global issue. One person can not do much about making an impact because in oder for something to change many would have to contribute to it. There is really not a way of having zero impact on this earth. Even our onw bodies produce waste. Programs can be created to save the planet, but it is hard to beleive someone does it because they want to and not because theya re trying to get a profit out of it. No Impact Man is a good book but not much isnpiration is passed thorugh it.

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