Essay on No Guns On School Campus

Essay on No Guns On School Campus

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No Guns On School Campus
Due to the recent disruption of violent crimes on campus, many citizens that are pro-gun activist have suggested that both the students and teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on school campuses. Those who are with guns allowed on school campuses claim that their rights have been violated for the reason that many college campuses refuse to allow weapons of any kind on their property. The Constitution of The United States of America already grants citizens the right to carry guns with them. It is not appropriate for guns to be in a vulnerable area such as a college campus or any University. There are already too many guns available to the public or easy to get any kind of gun, and allowing them on an educational facility would greatly increase the likelihood of injury or death. This is why I against guns on school property.
It is terrifying how easily it is to obtain certification to own a gun, as in many states it is easier to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon once the gun permit has been issued to you. In Georgia, according to a website called, “a citizen does not have to obtain a permit to carry a weapon as long as they are not prohibited from owning a firearm” (Knighten). Conversely, they must have a Georgia Weapons Carry License, that is issued under code 16-11-129 to carry a concealed weapon. The Official Code of Georgia Annotated is “16-11-129” which gives the owner of a gun the license to carry a weapon for a period of five years and the permit only costs them thirty dollars. The only exclusions to this are the following…a felony conviction, anyone who has had his weapons license revoked in the past, no one under the age of 21, a fugitive from justice...

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...ited States of America gave us the right to own a weapon . It is not the right to own a gun that is the problem in this situation, but rather it is the ability to own a firearm that should be looked at and who owns it. The certification process to own a gun should be more than a background check and a firearm safety course, it should involve psychological and emotional testing, and an strictly gun training course that lasts longer than only sixteen hours more like a month or month and half. After the standards for firearm training and gun ownership have been raised, and only after a person is proven mentally ready and mature to own a hand gun , only like that would it be acceptable for colleges to allow firearms on campus. Raising the standards of gun training and firearm ownership would not be for the owners but it would be for those who choose not to own a firearm.

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