No Glass Story Of A Little Boy Whose Parents Essay

No Glass Story Of A Little Boy Whose Parents Essay

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No Glass

Somewhere I read the story of a little boy whose parents were very poor. That little boy loved toy soldiers and he sometimes would stand for hours looking at them through the storefront glass window of the toy store. He wished with all of his little heart for just one toy soldier.

One day as he walked toward his home from the toy store, he was struck by an automobile, and taken to the hospital for treatment and recovery. The nurses propped him up on his bed and brought toy soldiers. He gently and fondly touched each one of them and then he said, “No glass”.

There was no glass barrier through which he was once required to look in order to see the toy soldiers; he could touch them and hold them. They were more real than they had ever been.

Paul one time talked about seeing by the means of a looking glass and the image was somewhat blurred. But, he said that one of these days things will be different. We will be able to see face to face. Now, I know that he was talking about the church and salvation, but if we apply this to the Lord in heaven, we will be able to to...

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