The No-Fear Legacy Essay

The No-Fear Legacy Essay

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The No-Fear Legacy ~Nicole and Dawn~

It all started on August 23, 2005. It seemed like it was just going to be another average day. Nicole had stayed the night at Dawn’s and now they were both walking down to the bus stop for school. Nicole’s blonde hair blew in the wind while her pink earrings clanked like a wind chime. They stepped on to the bus and prepared for the long ride. Nicole and Dawn started noticing clouds moving in from the ocean. They were moving faster and faster. Every second they got darker. They both remembered watching the news report that morning. It said to expect heavy thunderstorms. They didn’t really think about it and were soon stepping off the bus. They walked into their school, Lincoln Bay High, and headed for their first period class which was reading.

20 minutes into the class the principal, Mr. Goldman, came on the intercom and announced in a nervous tone that Hurricane Katrina was going to hit New Orleans soon. Mrs. Dean, their reading teacher, herded everyone into the hallway and then went to help with other students. Some people were crying, some looked like they were about to go into shock. It sounded like a million freight trains outside. The water plowed down everything and anything in it’s path. The water broke down the school’s doors like they were made of paper. Everyone braced themselves for the worst.

The water rushed through the school and out every and any exit possible. No one was seriously hurt but some still had scrapes and bruises. Everyone just sat there like they were stuck in the mud. About 1 hour later the Red Cross arrived. They tended to the injuries and then evacuated everyone to the nearest command center. Some students were reunited with their families, but som...

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...n’s relief were rowing. They were soon back on the beaches of Miami. They walked along the beach to the convention center and were greeted by Andrew Walsh. He congratulated them on their success and invited them help other people with the fear of water get over it at next year’s convention. They all agreed and enjoyed the rest of Spring Break with their college friends.


Kobe and LeBron went on to help Andrew Walsh reach out to many more people with the aquaphobia. At the beginning of 2014 they had successfully helped 3,400 people get over their fear. Meanwhile, Nicole and Dawn went off and started their own school, but it wasn’t a school like Lincoln Bay High, or Ole Miss. It offered classes on how to get over your fears for free. They decided they wanted to be their for people just like they were there for each other all along.

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