No Dream Is Too Big Essay

No Dream Is Too Big Essay

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No Dream is Too Big
“The odds of a high school basketball player making it to the “next level” to play college basketball (DI, II, or III) is slim. In fact, only 3.4% of high school players go on to play college basketball. Taking it even further, only 1.2% of college basketball players go on to get drafted in the NBA” (Winters, 2016). There are two types of players in the game. There are the kids who play basketball because they are athletic, and all they are seeking to gain is the recognition and awards. They want to be known. Those players are self-centered, they do not play for the team, and generally don’t play because they love the game. These are the types of players who don’t usually go on to play at the next level. On the other hand, there are the players that absolutely dedicate their life to the game of basketball just because they love the game. That is what coaches are looking for in a player, and that is the kind of player I am striving to be.
When we were told that we needed to pick a research topic, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. After thinking about it in class, I decided that I should research what it is like to play college basketball because I’m playing college basketball next year at Grace Bible College. Another reason I chose to research this topic was to become more informed about what to expect this coming fall when my college career begins. I want to know what is expected of me as a player, but also as a student. I feel that this topic was a perfect fit for me due to the fact that I will be playing basketball for the next four years of my life. College basketball is much different from high school basketball. The game is much more intense, a faster-pace, you have to be more knowledgeable when it comes to ...

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...g sports in college. In my time at Grace Bible College, all of my teammates have accepted me, and have made me feel welcome. They trust me and have taken me on their team as a newcomer. My visit there made me fall in love with the campus, and as soon as I stepped into the gym, I knew that this is where I belong.
You’re not always going to have the best coach or the best teammates, and I don’t mean skill-wise, I’m talking about character. If you prove to your coach and teammates that you can take criticism and exploit it back out onto the court, people will notice. I am very lucky to have received this opportunity as a whole. I am very excited to see what these next four years as a Grace Tiger brings. I am excited to see how I as a person will grown, and I hope to gain more knowledge as a student-athlete, so one day I will be able to be a mentor for an oncoming player.

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