Essay about No Civil Liberties Of North Korea

Essay about No Civil Liberties Of North Korea

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There are little to no civil liberties that are practiced by the North Korean government; rights such as free speech, fair trial or safety of the person are all violated by the harsh punishments doled out by the North Korean police. In order to weed out potential defectors, Amnesty International reports that North Korea hosts a system of “self-criticism” where weekly meetings are held under government surveillance, in which each individual confesses his/her shortcomings or mistakes during the week (7). If any of them are deemed to be a threat or violation of the regime, the person is immediately detained and sent to the infamous North Korean prison camps, much like the Stalinist gulags. By way of familial “guilt-by-association”, the supposed criminals’ relatives are also sent to the prison camps without trial, where they face harsh manual labor and malnutrition. According to the same report by Amnesty International, there are over 200,000 detainees in the North Korean prison camps; personal accounts by defectors have recounted extreme torture methods by guards such as force-feeding water until it came out of the individual’s every orifice as well as periodic beatings, and the withholding of food to such an extent that prisoners resorted to desperate measures such as picking corn kernels out from cow dung (5). The ominous aura created by the sudden and unwarned arrests and disappearances of supposed defectors serve to reinforce the reign of terror by the North Korean government, and force individuals to remain, at least on the surface, loyal servants to the Kim regime and put up with the depressive standard of living in order to prevent a downfall in their Songbun, as well as avoid being sent to the prison camps for treachery again...

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...tablishment of a free black market. Though it has continued to outlive expectations of its inescapable demise due to its instability and recklessness, it will be necessary for the North Korean government to begin making concessions and open talks with its surrounding powers; this is especially true as the United States and South Korea continue into their form of “food politics”, or exchanging food aid for concessions in nuclear power or politics (NK Now). The future development of these international relations will no doubt have a direct effect on North Korea’s internal affairs and the degree of its international autonomy; though North Korea may not fall anytime near in the future, the necessitation of instigating talks with neighboring countries will bring an innovative change to the survival of the authoritarian North Korean regime, and the rule of the Kim family.

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