The Nine Doctrines of War Essay

The Nine Doctrines of War Essay

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The nine doctrines of war are intertwined and dependent on each other. The doctrines used in war are relative to the situation, which is always in flux. They must be used at the most precise time that is right for the situation. Each doctrine of war is vital, but one can never stand on its own. Speed and deception are often employed to further insure the desired effects. People use some form of deception every day. Whether they are playing some type of game, trying to win the love of their life, or trying to win big bucks, deception is everywhere. Surprise is important in developing the course of a battle, having a successful business or sports team, and winning political campaigns, but it is ineffective if it is not backed by security and other doctrines of war.
To begin with, surprise plays a big role in how successful businesses are. The article, “How to use the Element of Surprise in Business,” states, “ . . . research from Emory University has shown that the brain’s pleasure center ‘responded much more strongly’ when it experiences an unanticipated event, such as a surprise” (Swipely). Business owners can improve their businesses by offering some form of surprise for their customers. The main way to do this is to offer gifts if customers buy certain items. This act of surprise can make customers want to come back to the same company. Many businesses may have tricks on the items purchased. While this may get them money on the short term, they will lose it in the long run.

In addition, surprise plays a key role in politics and sports. Professor Mearsheimer claims, “democratic leaders are much more dependent than autocrats on public support for foreign policy initiatives, especially when an initiative includes ...

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...ation. To convince Rommel the attack would be in the south Montgomery concealed his forces in the north by the Mediterranean with canvas camouflage. To the south he stacked old boxes and crates to resemble trucks and tanks. He also set up what looked to be a fresh water pipeline to his imaginary force. Montgomery wanted to limit Rommel’s maneuverability and avoid the possibility of Rommel double enveloping him. Montgomery made it look like he was trying to stop the Germans from going south.
Surprise plays a tremendous role in people’s day-to-day lives, but surprise alone does not guarantee success. Each doctrine of war should be contemplated with the challenges life brings. The nine doctrines of war serve their own purposes and they can never stand alone. The best way to guarantee victory is by using all of the interconnected doctrines when their role is needed.

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