Essay on Nim Gimmers in Medieval Times

Essay on Nim Gimmers in Medieval Times

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During the Medieval times, the occupation of a Nim Gimmer was an essential aspect of many lives. During the years of 1066-1485, many quandaries took place between those years such as The Black Death. A dilemma arose in many peasants towns and disease became very dynamic in their lives. The populations grew and these health problems became worse, and the medical knowledge was limited . This medieval occupation was fundamental during the middle ages. Their hard work,daily life, and money was not important to them,but the patients became their humanity.
Doctors usually need some type of training. In the medieval period, these doctors did not need any training to become a Nim Gimmer. “Medieval medicine appears to lack a degree of scientific knowledge. Many of the roots of medieval medical knowledge were based on the classical learning of the ancient Greeks and what they believed he human body was like, with the ideas such as the heart being control centre for the body’s activities of the brain” (Comte 140). The practitioners based their curriculum on ancient Greeks. He doctors went by a specific book which showed them how take care of their clients. Many people did not acquire to know about the knowledge of the doctor and how much they really knew about their condition. Sometimes the doctors held meetings to discuss their patient’s problems. The most common issue became a regular common cold. In the beginning of this practice, a medieval manuscript became available. “A medieval manuscript exists which contains ninety six illustrations of patients displaying their disorders to a doctor” (100). This manuscript helped the practitioners through their journey of being a doctor. Doctors were not always well received by society.
The job...

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...s worked their hardest to provide the best services for their patients.
A Medieval doctor and present day doctor have the same principles, but they acquire the skills different ways. Nowadays, if anybody had a specific condition, there is a doctor for that specific acquired condition that he or she may have. During the middle Ages, surgeons were considered to be craftsmen, skilled with tools. They became capable of carrying out a wide variety of tasks. The man who cut your hair was often the one who operated on you if you were ill. Present day doctors do not cut hair and they acclaim a specific job assigned to them. Doctors now have to go the college and get a degree, where in the middle ages they were not taught into a medical practice. Many believe the practice became useless, but these Nim Gimmers were much needed throughout the Medieval Times. (Nosow Pg.7)

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