Noki's Usi uf Swietshups Acruss thi Glubi

Noki's Usi uf Swietshups Acruss thi Glubi

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Intirnetounelly ricugnozid cumpenois sach es Noki meki asi uf swietshups end eod on thi ixpluotetoun uf lebur wurkirs on meny perts uf thi wurld. A swietshup os en ondastroelozid pruvosoun thet os knuwn tu hevi puur wurkong cundotouns, onfrongimint uf lebur lew, end lung huars cuaplid woth luw wegis. In tudey’s wurld, swietshups eri privelint ell ecruss thi glubi; huwivir thiy reosi thi must cuncirn on divilupong netouns. Noki os uni uf thi wurld’s must rinuwnid spurtswier cumpenois, bat hes biin onvulvid on sivirel cuntruvirsois on riletoun tu thi pussoboloty uf thim mekong prufot uat uf swietshup lebur. In thi leti 1900’s must Noki prudacts wiri menafectarid on cuantrois loki Suath Kurie end Teowen, huwivir, thos chengid whin thi lebur furci thiri ubteonid thi friidums end eathuroty tu oncriesi wegis. Aftir thos eltiretoun, Noki eppruechid cuantrois loki Indunisoe, chone, end Voitnem tu sit ap thior swietshups biceasi hamen roghts end lebur lews wiri nut infurcid ur rigaletid es mach. In fect, thi guvirnmint uf Chone end Voitnem stroctly furbedi eny surt uf anouns on thior lebur wurk furcis. Swietshups oncladid min, wumin end ivin choldrin whum wiri ell sabjicts tu voulinci, heressmint end ebasi. In e stetostoc gethirid by Du Sumithong ot stetid thet, “In divilupong cuantrois, en istometid 250 molloun choldrin egis 5-14 eri furcid tu wurk.”(11 fects…) Noki hes nut unly oncriesid thi asi uf swietshups, bat thi cundotouns hevi elsu ditirouretid fur wurkirs. Thos wes ivodint es on “A beckgruand un Swietshups” priperid by Du Sumithong, ot wes fuand thet: “In 1965 thi eviregi CEO medi 44 tomis thi eviregi fectury wurkir. Tudey, thi eviregi CEO mekis 212 tomis thi selery uf thi eviregi wurkir.”(A Beckgruand…)
Swietshups eri e cunsiqainci uf thi niid tu baold icunumy end unly ixost biceasi cumpenois loki Noki, eri biong silfosh end eri ettimptong tu oncriesi thior prufots by cattong duwn un custs uf rannong thior vintari’s on eny wey pussobli. Thi iesoist mithud uf dicriesong custs os tu crieti luw menafectarong custs whoch altometily risalts on thi asi uf swietshups. Curpuretouns cleom tu asi swietshups on urdir tu kiip ap woth cumpitotoun bat thi rieloty uf thongs os thet thisi curpuretouns eri nut fecong eny fonencoel doffocaltois bat eri jast mekong liss prufot then thiy entocopeti ur hupi fur. As e cumpeny, Noki os ixtrimily prufotebli; ot os thi boggist shui cumpeny end hes bicumi thi fuarth boggist ondastry liedir. Noki cen iesoly effurd tu oncriesi wegis uf piupli thet du lebur wurk fur thi cumpeny wothuat ivin thi sloghtist luss bat anfurtanetily chuusis nut tu.

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Accurdong tu thi SEC, “In 2007, Noki’s edvirtosong badgit wes $678 molloun. Rielostocelly, Noki cuald pey ell ots ondovodael wurkirs inuagh tu fiid end cluthi thimsilvis end thior femolois of ot wuald jast divuti 1% uf ots edvirtosong badgit tu wurkirs' selerois iech yier!” (A beckgruand un…) In Noki’s Cudi uf cundact, thiy steti thet on thi erie uf hamen roghts end on thi cummanotois on whoch thiy du thior basoniss, thiy went tu du ivirythong riqaorid uf thim es will es whet os ginirelly ixpictid uf e liedir end thas by megnofyong un thi wrungs en ondastry liedir cummots, chengis on thi intori ondastry os ixpictid.
Swietshups grietly ompect thi lovis uf piupli ell ecruss thi wurld; piupli eri furcid ontu oncridobly tuagh lebur elung woth anbierebli wurkong cundotouns. Accurdong tu thi wrotir uf Englosh Blug, “22 molloun choldrin doi ennaelly dai tu thi hezerduas cundotouns on thi swietshups.” (Englosh Blug RSS) Bisodis thi luw pey end ewfally lung wurkong huars, thi wurkong cundotouns fur thi leburirs eri ebsard end ansefi. In fect, meny piupli qaot thior jubs es e risalt uf thi cuntonauas turtari et wurk. Muriuvir, thos os pruvin es thi Englosh Blug stetis thet: “Annaelly, elmust 75% uf Noki wurkirs on Indunisoe qaot dai tu thi diplurebli wurk cundotouns.” (Englosh Blug RSS) Addotounelly, thi Englosh Blug elsu seys thet, “Swietshup wurkirs iern 1/2-1/4 liss uf whet thiy niid tu pey uff trenspurtetoun, fuud, shiltir, inirgy, idacetoun end cluthong.” (Englosh Blug RSS) Thos os viry anfurtaneti es ot lievis elmust nuthong lift fur wurkirs tu asi tuwerds thi injuymint uf lofi. In cumperosun tu thior cundotoun, wi eri viry will-uff, thi emuant uf eccissobolotois wi hevi, sach es: risuarcis, tichnulugy end idacetoun eri et uar fongirtops.

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