Nike's Mission is to Bring Inspiration and Innovation to Every Athlete Essay

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This paper will discuss Nike, Inc., a publicly traded corporation within the sporting goods industry. It will identify two segments of the general environment that would rank the highest in their influence on Nike, Inc. as well as assess how these segments affect Nike, Inc. and the sporting goods industry in which it operates. In addition, two of the five forces of competition discussed in the text will be identified based on an analysis of which two are the most significant for Nike, Inc. How well Nike, Inc. has addressed these two forces in the most recent past will be discussed as well as how Nike, Inc. might improve their ability to address these forces successfully in the near future. As the paper progresses opinions will be stated based on an assessment of external threats affecting Nike, Inc. and what opportunities are available to them. How Nike, Inc. should deal with the most serious threat and the greatest opportunities available to them will be provided based on opinions with justifications to support those opinions. Opinions will also be stated based on an assessment of Nike Inc.’s greatest strengths and most significant weaknesses while also providing a strategy for them to utilize in order to take maximum advantage of their known strengths as well as a strategy to help mitigate any significant weaknesses they might find themselves experiencing. This paper will wrap up by determining what Nike, Inc.’s resources, capabilities and core competencies are as well as analyze their value chain in order to determine where they can create value using aforementioned resources, capabilities and core competencies.
Segments of the general environment and their influences on Nike, Inc.
Nike, Inc. is a global leader and innovato...

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...vantage lies within their ability to research and develop innovative products and to market them to their full potential. Nike, Inc. makes use of their resources, capabilities and core competencies better than any other company within the industry and thus remains highly competitive, profitable and preferred. “Nike owns and controls just two elements: product development and its branded retail stores. Both serve Nike’s strategic propose: by owning and operating its branded stores the firm obtains valuable feedback directly from its customers which drive new product development” (David W. Crain, Stan Abraham, (2008)). Nike, Inc. can create value through their human resources and their product innovation. Nike, Inc.’s value chain starts with product development through innovation, moves onto production and manufacturing, marketing and then ends with the customers.

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