Nike Inc and Sweatshops Essay

Nike Inc and Sweatshops Essay

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Table of Content:

• Introduction
• Case study analysis
• Facts which impact the decision :
• Choices/Alternatives
• Stakeholder
• How do the alternatives impact society?
• How do the alternative impact business?
• How do the alternatives impact me, as a decision maker?
• How ethical or unethical would be each of my alternatives?
• What course of action should be taken?
• Conclusion
• Recommendations
• References ……………………………………………………………………..


This paper will give a brief introduction about the history of Nike Sweatshops which will shed the light on their public image and their manufacturing process. It will further move to the suggested alternatives, what facts impact them, their stakeholder and their impact on the economic as well as social basis. In the end, it will discuss if the given choices are legal and ethical or not.

Nike’s sweatshop manufacturing practices which can be seen through media have shown people that this company goes under the good guys images, these images which are displayed in their commercials show people that their employees are treated well and their happy in their working environment.

In addition, Nike is a worldwide known company and it is among the top empires just as Adidas and Puma. It has more than 900 factories which are located in an estimated 50 countries, they also have more than 660 000 workers which most of them are women. However, although they have a lot of factories around the world, their main manufacture factories are located in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam which are basically countries with the most minimum salaries rate given to the workers. Nike chooses these locations for their production of their merchandise because of the cheap ...

... middle of paper ...


• Employees must make their voice heard through speak up sessions to talk directly to the directors of Nike about their concerns

• Consumers must be aware of the changes that might occur in Nike through media and social awareness


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