Nike Advertisement Research : Focus Group Essay

Nike Advertisement Research : Focus Group Essay

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Zuniga 1
Angela Zuniga
Assignment #4
Dr. Wendy Macias
October 18th 2016
Nike Advertisement Research: Focus Group
Research can be defined as a systematic method through which new knowledge is discovered. No matter what topic is being studied or analyzed, the value of research lies in how well it is designed and carried out. There are several types of research which include: surveys, interviews, content analysis and focus groups. As an advertiser it is important not only to be aware of your surroundings, but what goes on in people’s minds. Individuals’ needs and wants are not only essential but the base of an advertisement’s success. The purpose of this essay is to conduct my own research about a company that has transcended barriers such as race, disabilities, and gender with a phrase that has sparked interest, innovation and motivation all over the world: “Just Do It”. Since the 1980’s Nike has not only become one of the leading sports brands, but a corporation that learned just how to convey a message and reach their target consumers through successful advertisement. The question is: What is portrayed through Nike’s advertisement and slogans? How has this helped sales, and how far has advertisement pushed its success? The objective of this research paper is to find and understand in-depth answers to these questions that bring a better understanding of Nike not only to the consumer, but to Nike as a brand and client. Through advertising techniques such as the “Just Do It” slogan, Nike has found a way to connect with consumers on a more personal level, which ultimately moves and reaches consumers. How
has Nike become the global corporation it is in just 30 years, leaving competitors behind, and consumers wanting more?
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...est tag lines in history, the advertisers behind it have used countless its and bits of inspiration and challenge to deliver the “Just Do It” advertising idea.” A female in the group said: “That’s just it! Think about it, if you want to run three miles, just do it! If you want to swim across the Atlantic just do it! If you want to be an “athlete” just do it!” It is a slogan we can all relate to, because we drive ourselves to push beyond our limits. They hit the core issue on their market message and found a way to connect with consumers on an un comparable level.

When asked about their favorite Nike commercial or Ad, it was humorous to see them discuss amongst themselves which one was the best and why. As a moderator, I couldn’t praise, agree or disagree with any comment made or answer given, because as I mentioned before, there no right or wrong answers.

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