Nihilism And Christian Theism, By The Worldview Essay

Nihilism And Christian Theism, By The Worldview Essay

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At this time, my worldview is Naturalism, which I choose over Deism, Nihilism and Christian Theism, influenced, in part, by the worldview “test,” coherence.”
From this course before I didn 't know that much about worldviews, but from this semester study, I think before I already had a worldview, but when I learned worldview, my world didn 't change, but I do learn many different ways of this world, I learned a lot of things that was very useful, every theory had different opinions. But everything is associated. Also, I learned a lot of knowledge from the Bible.
First of all, I think we should understand what the worldview is, from my opinion worldview is a way of God and many different views into every human being, to help us, to rescue us, God knew this world, every human being, history of the world, and death. At the same time, make a right decision it is very different, even it will relate your fate of the future, at this time, God will guide you, let you make a right decision, or help you to find another way. We are always accepting new things and perception, because we are living in a learning society, so the only way is to continue to study, that will help us to advance with the times
My worldviews, as far as I know, Einstein also had written the similar article. The following is my personal thinking, why we called it is worldview? Simply, I think it is looking at the world of different views, principles for the Consideration of the nature of the objective world, but also for many years evolving position. Collate their aims clearly and firmly believed in the principles of their own, so as to avoid confusion and a loss of life on the road. Also, We live in a rapidly developing society, we all the time to accept and generate...

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...k this truth and dumbed it down a notch. In contrast to theism, deism teaches that God did create the universe and everything in it, but he is not interested in it and does not intervene in it in any way. Theism believes in miracles and a personal God that can be known, deism denies the supernatural and god is not personal nor can he be known, as a matter of fact he is not even on the scene, so to speak. Deism then naturally gives birth to naturalism. If God is not personal, and if God is not interested in creation, then who’s to say he even exists? Naturalism took that step forward (or backward), in denying the existence of a creator God and proposing that man is but matter in a universe of just matter. Man was not created in the image of God. Naturalism also often gives birth to Nihilism, in part, by the worldview “test,” so I think all of sides have coherence.

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