Essay on Nighttime Revelations

Essay on Nighttime Revelations

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The realisation hit me, again, like a ton of bricks. Not only have I been single for over a month, but I felt extremely lonely...and that loneliness was desperate to escape my body somehow. When I dwelled on the past, I was reminded of him. Suddenly, tears poured out of my eyes, and my sniffles were loud. 

It hurt so bad. What else was I supposed to do? I wallowed in my sadness. I felt utterly pitiful. 

I heard light rapping on the guest room's door. I was certain that it was my best friend. After all, this happened to be his home. 

"Keora?" He asked softly, knocking again. "Can I come in?"

"S-sure, I...van...," I said in between more sniffles. My breathing shallowed as I saw him, fully dressed in a pair of black slacks and a black shirt. A set of clear, warm-gold amber eyes made him look exotically wolf-like, and were surrounded by glowing tanned skin since he was in the Sun for a little while today. Beneath his sharp nose and somewhat full lips lay straight, pearly-white teeth. All he did was stare at me, as I stared at him. I gently pulled down my head, ashamed that he saw me like this. 

His phone chirped, and he answered. All I heard were his rushed words, saying, "no, not tonight. Maybe another day, but not today," and he hung up the phone. He inched over to me slowly, getting on his knees to meet me, encasing me in his arms gently, placing my head on his chest. I cried on him and I felt even more pathetic than before, because I could not stop myself from doing so. He sat down now, my body between his legs. My sobs turned into light hiccups and, after a while, those stopped too, but the tears did not. Even still, he ran his fingers through my hair, rocking me back and forth, telling me that everything would be just fine....

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...ghtness of me. I clutched on to the Earth-shattering orgasm Ivan gave me for a little while, my body convulsing at the sheer, pure, unadulterated pleasure of it all.

"Aaaaah, yes! Good girl, lovely," he exclaimed. "You feel exactly like I imagined," he grated in Russian as his body stilled, every spurt of semen unloading inside of me. 

It felt like his come filled me - all of me.

He pulled out of me. Some of his come escaped my pussy, and he looked at it with pure satisfaction while he was trying to catch his breath.

We were head to head, his mouth opened, his breath warming my lips. My hands made it to the small pool of sweat on his back and I pulled him close to me. 

He kissed me, very softly, very gently, and tears ran out of my eyes. He quietly wiped the tears from either of my cheekbones, both of us unsure about how we would see each other from here on out.

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