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It looked like the floors had just been freshly polished. The walls too, look freshly painted white. Rocks sat on the far side of the room near the fire place. “Bethany did that when she walked across it yesterday.” Stevie commented. I looked over to Bethany who smiled at me and nodded, “Yep.” She wiggled her bare feet confidently. “No shoes either.” I didn’t know anything about the house, other than what I had heard from Bethany and Chris earlier. I’d met them earlier in the day when my grandmother decided to go help her step-father Morris clean his apartment. He was an older man, couldn’t walk well without a cane. Grandmother always told me that he’d been in the Army and gotten shot in the hip and they never bothered to remove the bullets. So he’d taken to walking with a cane as he grew older and his limp got worse. Ella and I weren’t given a choice that day. She and I had been playing upstairs at home that morning while it rained. It was summer vacation, usually she and I were shipped off to camp once summer started, or put into a YMCA program for the summer sometime in midsummer. (((More notes for Film Crew The twin’s room has to be upstairs. Our beds are stationed into the left of the wall. The room has an 80’s vibe to it. With matching shag carpet on the floor and walls. We have two desks which sit near the windows of the upstairs and the ceiling has a large crack in, causing a dip in the ceiling that looks like it could fall at any second. One of the twins is sitting at the desks, another is sitting on the floor in front of an old black and white TV trying to find a station to watch. ))) The rain had long stopped by the time we got to Morris’s house. Chris and Bethany headed back down to the sidewalk and once agai... ... middle of paper ... ...e. After that we weren’t allowed to play with the boys anymore. We weren’t punished for the windows, our grandmother never mentioned them again after that. The next time our grandmother took us out to Morris’s house we found out from Talia and Marina that Chris and Stevie had been taken away from their mother. They had lived in the apartment above Morris, and he said that the mother had lost the apartment and had to leave. (((Notes for Film Crew Film crew doesn’t know what the apartment looks like upstairs Morris’s apartment. There is a large living room, a dining room with a bed room off to the right. In the back there is a kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen is told with faded yellow and green tile and faded flowered wallpaper. They don’t know what the boys Chris and Stevie are feeling. Or what the lives of the other children are like. How their parents are. )))

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