Night Of The Living Dead Thesis

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Thomas Dawicki Sep/19/17 Honors English Number of sentences: 125 Night of the Living Dead Essay In the movie “Night of the Living Dead” by George A. Romero, we are thrust in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. During this apocalypse, many themes and aspects of human nature are present. This conflict seems to bring out the aspects of humans that show how imperfect we are, in addition to how we function in groups. Before I delve into these topics, I shall begin by summarizing key aspects of the film. In the beginning of the film, the viewer is introduced to the characters Barbara and Johnny. The characters are siblings and they are visiting their father's name, upon request of the mother. While Barbara is content with the task, Johnny makes several statements that show his discontent with the duty. He complains about the cost of the flowers, and believes the job of respecting his father is a waste of time. Shortly after making all of these statements, lightning strikes and the first ghoul come on-screen. Then, the ghoul shambles over to the pair and attacks Barbara. After screaming, Johnny intervenes only to get killed upon a gravestone. Barbara flees onto a farm-house where she meets Ben. The farmhouse is where Barbara sought refuge, and shortly after she arrives, Ben arrives as well. They secure the home, and soon discover a basement due to one of its occupants confronting the duo. The new characters that are introduced are Tom, Judy, Mr. Cooper, Helen, and Karen. Tom and Judy are an unhappy couple who are the parents of an infected child named Karen. The other half of their group consists of Tom and Judy. Tom and Judy are a teenage couple that a... ... middle of paper ... ...ling into vices. The film showed that anyone could lose themselves to their pleasures and become zombies. To elaborate, the research I have found has not changed my opinion, because I agree that zombies are simply a symbol of the human race acting purely on instinct. In addition, I believe that the selfishness of man could be fixed if a greater sense of unity was created. Empathy through kinship is a strong forces, and it is what separates us from most other animals. Work Cited: Yáñez, Erick. “ The ‘Living Dead’ as the Reflection of Fear and Its Impact in Human Nature, Represented in George Romero’s Film The Night of the Living Dead (1968).”, Tecnológico De Monterrey, Nov. 2010,
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