The Night Of August 19

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The night of August 19, 2007, I laid down in my bed drifting to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof above my head. It seemed to be just another late summer storm that was very common in Findlay, Ohio. As the night continued, I was woken up to the sound of rolling thunder and flashes of lightening. I remained in bed and as I laid there I heard the voices of my mom and dad. I could not quite hear what they were talking about, but I knew that my parents would not be up and out of bed for just any thunder storm. I could also hear the sound of a faint, alarm beeping and was curious as to what was happening. I decided to get out of bed and followed my parents’ voices down to the basement. Before I reached the bottom of the stairs, I knew what the problem was. The basement had flooded, and not just a couple of inches. The water came up to around knee level. The beeping noise that I heard was coming from the sump pump that had failed to keep up with amount of rain that was gushing into the well. As my parents worked on setting up another pump to rid of all of the water, I looked at th...

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