The Night Mantis Was Leaving For Work Essay

The Night Mantis Was Leaving For Work Essay

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One night Mantis was leaving for work I noticed just by looking at him, he was having a difficult time, but he put on his man face and kissed me goodbye. Leaning against the door I whispered a prayer, Lord strengthen him to make it through this night and move upon his heart to consider retiring. This job is killing him the look of death was upon his face just keep him Lord. Allen come downstairs after a friendly tussle with Adam saying, Mom you know pop did not look too good tonight he needs to let that job go its killing him. You are right Allen I saw the same thing and I’m praying to God he will retire. The next morning Mantis gets home letting me know we needed to talk when I get home from work. Okay love, I’ll see you later. After work I rushed home to talk with Mantis, he was sitting at the table talking with Allen as I came through the door. Hello everyone, what’s going on, I ask taking a seat at the table. We were just chewing the fat Allen replies I’ll let you two talk, getting up from the table making his way downstairs. What did you want to talk to me about Mantis are you f...

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