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Night Journals

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Many people don’t really know the true meaning of being prejudice. Prejudice to me is when someone dislikes another because of the way they may look, by their skin color, or even the type of religion they worship. Being Prejudice has lots of negative effects on people. For example, when you dislike someone because of the way they may look it could really make that person feel bad, and could even lower their self-esteem. By being prejudice it could lead to violence, including bullying, fighting, or even killing.
Stereotyping is when you assume something about someone without really getting to know them. It’s somewhat almost the same thing as prejudice, because they both involve disliking someone because of the way they may look. There are many different types of stereotypes. One example of a stereotype is that all African American people are ghetto. This is very wrong because all African Americans aren’t like that. Some are doctors, lawyers, actors, song writers, authors, and even school teachers. Many of them could be people that others look up to or even idolize. Another stereotype is that all blondes are airheads or stupid. That’s not entirely true because there are some blonde girls that are really smart and talented. An example of a talented blonde would be Reese Witherspoon; she is very talented and successful.
Honestly I don’t know too much about World War II. I do however know a lot about the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a period when Nazi soldiers came in and took Jews from their homes and sent them to concentration camps. During the Holocaust many Jews lost their lives. It was very sad, because many times they were forced to watch their loved ones get killed, and sometimes they would be ...

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... they did was messed up in so many ways. For one, I don’t think that the Germans really know why they did what they did. Even if they were forced to do it they had their own mines and it is such a thing called freedom of speech. No one should ever have to go through what the Jews had to go through. It was very heartbreaking to have to read this book because it was true, and this happened to real people. It’s nothing that you could forget just because it was so bad. It has affected me in so many ways. Now I appreciate that I had clothes on my back, and I have a house to live in. I’m glad that I don’t have people bossing me around telling me when I can and can’t sleep and when I can and can’t eat. I would like to learn about the Holocaust even more just to learn what really happened to the Jews. I want to know the real story, and not just what people tell me about it.

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