The Night I Was Not Prepared For Essay

The Night I Was Not Prepared For Essay

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Tristan's eyes fell into the blonde as she leap off him, her cheeks tinging a soft pink now. He grinned a bit as she tilted her head to the side, running her eyes over his face, probably trying to guess his age, as he was doing with her.
The blonde moved forward and kissed her daughter's head. "Johanna, take Katrina inside for me?" she asked the baby-sitter. Nodding she wrapped an arm around Katrina's shoulders, leading her inside. The blonde turned to Tristan again, running her fingers through her thick locks. She flashed him a sheepish grin.
"Rylinn." she spoke, her voice calmer now.
He rose an eyebrow and she smiled a bit "Rylinn. My name, it's Rylinn Westmens." she answered, repeating herself.
Tristan nodded and shook her hand, taking in her clean cut look. A black pencil skirt, a white button up shirt tucked into the skirt and some heels to put it all together.
He swallowed trying to clear the lump in his throat. His girlfriend of five years had broken up with him not even a week ago and here he was lusting after some blonde with a kid, hell she was probably married.
But then something caught his eyes under her winter duster jacket. A badge? A bright gold badge stuck out at him. He had a hard time picturing her as a Detective or cop of any sort but then he didn't look like a Doctor and yet he was, so who knew. He cocked his head to the side before she flashed him another grin.
"Dr Armenta than--" he cut off off with a hand of his hand.
"Mrs. Westmens it's fine, really. And you can call me Tristan, I do live next door, remember?" and that grin came out, that cocky, slightly arrogant but ever so charming smile of his.
She paused and grabbed her once forgotten purse she had dropped to the hallway floor when she came into the bui...

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...e and five hours of sleep he tagged one of the last patients when a EMT team rushed in "30 year old female two GSW's, one to the shoulder one to the abdomen. BP is--" he didn't hear anything after that as two nurses and a fellow Doctor helped him lift her off the gurney and into the ER bed.
Snapping a yellow gown on and a pair of clear rubber gloves nurses hooked IV's up and took stats and her vital. A nurse cut her shirt open in the front. Two bleeding gauzed up wounds looked back at him. A pair of green eyes flicked open and Tristan froze, his heart feeling close to stopping.
"Rylinn?" his eyes found her's before he heard the alarm on her monitor go off, beeping like crazy.
"Tristan? Tristan!" a nurse yelled. Someone nudged him.
Tristan! Focus!" a redhead nurse yelled at him.
His eyes found the monitors and went wide "She's coding! Get me a crash cart!" he yelled.

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