The Night Hunt - Original Writing Essay

The Night Hunt - Original Writing Essay

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Immediately, as my dad and I was walking to the deer stand, my thoughts were that this hunt already felt like any other night hunt I had ever been on. My dad and I together chose which stand we would hunt from the choices on the board. We arrived at the box stand, which was fifteen feet tall, then we climbed in and got comfortable. In the meantime, we were looking around to find any sign of a deer. Meanwhile, as we were sitting quietly in the stand, we suddenly heard something. We could tell that the noise was something running through the trees extremely fast! Suddenly, there she was, a doe, creeping out from the bushes. At that moment, I was only able to see her head. I was getting so nervous, and I didn 't know what to do; however, my dad told me to stay calm and breathe. As she was walking into the field, stopping along the way to eat, I prepared my gun in order to shoot. My dad told me to take the shot whenever I was ready, so within the next couple of seconds I pulled the trigger. BOOM! She’s down! I had shot her; however, I knew I hit her, but she ran into the woods. She was my first deer I had ever shot. I wanted to scream because I was so excited, but I couldn 't I had to stay quiet just incase something else would happen to walk out.
It was good thing I stayed quiet, because about 15 minutes later a buck walked out. At this point, my whole body started to shake. I could barely stay still in my seat, in fact, I had to put my hand over my mouth in order to cover my heavy breathing. As the buck got closer, I loaded my gun and set it up on the window sill of the stand. All I needed was for his head to go down and start eating, in other words, not paying attention so I could take the shot. BOOM! He was do...

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...mily, has been in our family for many years. My mom would hunt often with my grandpa when she was young, as a result, she has always wanted me to continue the tradition. I realized after the hunt, that day was one of the best days of my life. I will always remember exactly what happened that day, that is to say, it was a very special day in my life. With hunting being a really important activity we do in our family, if we have any free time we are at the hunting lease. As a family we get ready for the season by working on the lease. I grew up loving to hunt and fish because of my family. I love when we go to our hunting lease, because it is like our little family getaways. We get to spend time with each other and just hangout and relax. These experiences has made me who I am today; therefore, I know that I will keep this tradition up with my children.

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