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Friedrich Nietzsche, a Russian philosopher who lived in the nineteenth century, was known for his extreme pessimistic attitude. He and other philosophers saw the world in a such a negative light that many claimed that it may be better to die than continue living. However, unlike other philosophers of his time, he argued that art makes life possible to live. More specifically, Nietzsche argued that art disguises the ugly reality of human existence and rather illustrates an ideal version of life, spreading hope for a better future.
Nietzsche believed that though life is a struggle, “the arts generally make life worth living.” However, he felt this pessimistic attitude was a problem and came to his conclusion about art after turning his attention to ancient Greece. He studied them because much like 19th century Europe, they too thought human beings were doomed to a life filled with suffering and accepted this life without any beliefs that could provide hope for a different future. In other words, they lacked the Judeo- Christian belief that God would give them a better life and lacked modern science that made things somewhat better. This is highlighted in a Greek legend when “wise Silenus” tells King Midas that the best thing for humankind is to not be born at all and the second best thing is to die soon. If this truly expresses ancient Greek ideals, then why continue to live? Nonetheless, this particular question fascinated Nietzsche and in an attempt to answer it, he studied Hamlet, whose awareness of horrible human existence accounts for his general loathing towards life. Finally Nietzsche concluded that although the typical Homeric Greek shared Hamlet’s pessimistic view of life, he overcame this through art, which can re-direct...

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...thanks to the sweet music playing throughout and the meaningful ending, he isn’t so miserable anymore. As Jake watches the movie, he too reflects on the time he spent with her.
Thus, Nietzsche was correct about the nature of art and its importance in human life. Without art, and nothing to distract us from the tragedies of life, what could possible make life worth living? As Mr. Linn has already pointed out, other human beings only further add to our hell. If there wasn’t art, and human beings only make life worse, than really the only thing there is, is isolation. Evolutionists claim that as human beings began to evolve and began to suffer from being self-conscious creatures, they needed something to grasp onto for hope to motivate them to continue to live. Despire the misery of their lives, this explains the origins and importance of art throughout the human world.

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