Nicholas: First Day of School in a New School Essay

Nicholas: First Day of School in a New School Essay

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“It is another school and another group of people to reject me.” I thought as I walked slowly toward the classroom door. With each step the classroom door got closer and closer. The light weight of my book bag suddenly felt heavier. Finally, I got to the door and opened it; revealing the big room that would be my home room for the rest of the year. The second I walked into the room, it was obvious that I was different. The first thing that tipped me off was my clothing. I was wearing a bright red Lil Wayne Trukfit shirt, black 501 Levis, and black Air Max 95 Nike shoes, not to mention I was the only African American in the room. The second thing was that everyone was wearing uniforms. I felt so out of place.
"What’s up," I said, handing the teacher my slip. "I'm Johnny Taylor, but people call me Jody."

"Take a seat anywhere, uh Jody" The teacher said as he looked me up and down.
I found a seat in the back of the class behind a brunette. She turned and looked at me just like the teacher did. I was an exact opposite of her in appearance. She had brown hair; I had black hair. She had blue eyes; mine were green.
"I'm Gwen Walker." She smiled.
"Uh, I’m Johnny, but people call me Jody."
She turned back around to focus on the teacher. The teacher just sat there and I felt awkward, and didn't know what to do, so I grabbed a pen and drew on my notebook. Something that looked like a sound wave started to take-shape on my notebook cover.
“Ok class I will see you all tomorrow and good luck on your first day at Huckleberry High school.” the teacher said.
The bell rang shortly after he said that. I was the first out the door, but Gwen caught up to me.
What did you think of Mr. Taylor’s class?” she asked.
“I don’t know? Nothing really happen...

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...Greg angrily said, “You and me after school by the gym.”
I started to laugh
“Ok, are you sure you want to do this.” I reluctantly said.
Greg didn’t reply. He just bumped me and walked back to his table, and I walked back to the table with the girls.
“I see you’ve made a new friend” Gwen said.
“Nope” I replied, “that guy is a straight up fool.”
“What happened?” Amy had asked.
“Nothing major, he just wants to fight me after school because he thinks I’m trying to go out with Gwen.” I replied
Is it true? I mean, that’s a crazy thing to say” said Gwen as she was stuttering.
I started to get the feeling that Gwen liked me, but before I could ask the bell had ringed. As I was walking toward the hallway, I reached in my book bag to get my schedule. Before I could even open it, Greg came by and knocked it out of my hand.
“Don’t be a no show after school punk!” I shouted.

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