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Nice Framing And Super Cheap Auto Essays

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Describe the balance between customer service and resource utilization at nice framing. What are the operating objectives of the business? What are the key success factors?


Balance between customer service and resource utilization
For any organization, customer is the most important aspect as the customer is the key for any business and a criteria for success of that business. The type of business can either be a B-C or B-B, but it doesn’t matter. The new paradigm of this era is to put in your money into customers.
Resource utilization is all about optimum use of resources available to achieve the target goals set by the organization. Resources are very valuable these days as the cost of wastage of resources is high and has an impact for the future. Its always advisable to have an check on available stock as this also counts on the resource utilization.
In the case of nice framings, the resource utilization was poor. The sales has gone down since 2009 and Nicola has still so much stock left back in the workplace. The working area for the employees is not big enough to move around because of the stocks left behind. So she should take some steps to clear the stocks. Initially she should stop the production for now just to use the inventory to the fullest. Technology also can be used to increase the productivity and saves time. She should also spend time on forecasting and based on which number of frames needed can be calculated and then start their production. ...

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...d to the respective aisles and select the product.
 For people who do not have access to internet, they could install 2 or 3 computers in the store for the customers to search for the items and their details by themselves.
Once the orders are made online the delivery team would keep the products according to the customer reference number. And when the customers arrive they could tell their name and customer reference number for an easy way to identify the product. By doing this they could reduce the idle time, to do these operation a delivery team of two can manage the customer orders. By doing any one of the above steps will also reduce the enquires time drastically, around 8 to 10 minutes can be saved.

Ninow, R. (2012) Operations management, Unpublished Lecture notes, AIS St
Helens, Auckland, New Zealand.

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