Essay on Niccolo Machiavelli And Thomas Hobbes

Essay on Niccolo Machiavelli And Thomas Hobbes

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Niccolo Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes are two men that have contributed to political science and philosophy, over the course of their history, each contributed ideas that are still relevant today. Machiavelli’s considered as one of the founders of modern political science for his realistic views in The Prince, which was wrote for aspiring leaders. His ideology is that in order to be successful, you have to be willing to get your hands dirty, and be willing to use your own people to do so/if need be. Whereas Hobbes, is considered the founder of human rights, but in the same breath he also mentions the idea of absolute power. The Leviathan was concerned with the cause of civil war and how to create a permanent solution to end it. Both men have views towards analyzing politics and how a ruler should behave. Machiavelli and Hobbes discuss personal gain concerning political power, and the rights of the individual under the state.
Machiavelli’s The Prince was written during the 16th century as a gift for the current ruler of Florence. It consists of how Machiavelli believes an aspiring prince should behave, and how best to rule the land in order to be successful. The Prince has many ideas within, but one of the main things that sticks out is the perspective of figuring things out for yourself. As in, don’t let anyone else decide for you, figure out what you think is the best way to achieve your goals and aim for that. Within the state, the people you have to be more concerned about is making sure the masses love you. If your people can’t stand you, you will not be in a position of greatness, and if it comes down to it Machiavelli says “it’s better to be feared then hated”. Machiavelli’s point for aspiring leaders is that they must adopt...

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...he prince is that of the individuals. For both Hobbe’s and Machiavelli the idea that the ends justify the means, as in both of their views, the individuals act for their own self-interest.
Thomas Hobbes and Niccolo Machiavelli have both contributed their ideas respectively, and have transformed political history. However Machiavelli’s ideas concerning individuals are more realistic perspectives, compared to Hobbe’s idealistic views on human nature. Though they were born in different eras, both men have left an influence on the modern world’s politics.
The Prince, and The Leviathans were written during different eras a long time ago, but still today the topics and ideas that both Machiavelli and Hobbes discussed are still relevant today. Machiavelli’s idea of political theory, and Hobbes Human rights both are systematically important influences on our culture today.

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