Essay about The Nfl For The National Football League

Essay about The Nfl For The National Football League

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On August 27, 2016, Steven Wyche, a media reporter for the National Football League, wrote a story about San Francisco Forty-Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Kaepernick’s choice in acting on a movement to oppose racial discrimination of minorities. Wyche’s story was published through the NFL for the public eye to view. Kaepernick has been refusing stand for the national anthem. Not only does Wyche cover Kaepernick’s controversial actions, but Wyche takes a stand for Kaepernick himself.
Wyche’s article, concerning the football player’s movement, grabs the attention of several different audiences. The article was published onto the official NFL website in August when Kaepernick’s action began. Sports’ fans and readers of the site are interested in keeping informed on what football players and teams are doing and form their own opinions as a result of the article written. Football players keep up with the official League news to gain an insight into other teams and stay updated on any controversies that occur, which may help them gain an edge over opposing players and teams. Coaches, who keep up with the League website, see how the rival teams are doing in the season to keep things competitive. Scouts and team personnel, who are looking for reasons to either pick up or drop a player, keep informed on sports media articles. What scouts can read in Wyche’s article has the potential to either make or break Kaepernick’s chances of being traded to another team or staying with the Forty-Niners. By using a formal tone to address what Kaepernick is doing, he inclines his audience to keep reading about the movement. Whether the audience served in the military or is a current protestor for the civil unjust going on in the United State...

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...ed them, positively or negatively. Wyche explained Kaepernick’s protest gathered the attention of several other athletes, who are now involved in the movement.
An author, like Wyche that provides the stages of the rhetorical situation when writing, can determine how passionate they truly are about the topic they are writing. Due to Wyche formally stating facts in his article, it led readers to continue reading without seeing his opinions stick out of the writing. Wyche imbedded his point of view of the movement by covering Kaepernick’s controversial actions, and taking a stand for Kaepernick himself. The stages of the rhetorical situation are important because they are the building blocks to understanding why Wyche’s article exists. When Wyche writes an article, including this one, it is important for him to clarify the rhetorical situation throughout his article.

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