Essay on The Next Step : Rough Draft

Essay on The Next Step : Rough Draft

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The Next Step: Rough Draft
The European Union has been under pressure lately; critics see the current crises that the EU is facing as prove that it is almost impossible to sustain a common policy among EU members. The recent Paris bombings were another black page added to the book, killing more than 120 people it was one of the worst terroristic attacks since the Second World War, and many European leaders stress the importance of a unified stand as the European Union. Especially since rumors are going around that one of the terrorists was an immigrant coming in through the Greek border, it is more important than everything that there will be a unified Europe that comes up with a solution for the refugee crisis, economic struggles, and the fear of terrorism. The European Nations have demonstrated a willingness to solve these economic and political obstacles together through agreements such as the debt crisis in Greece and the unified strategy to confront the Syrian refugee crisis, all of which amplifies that it is in Europe’s best interest to increase cooperation between the members.
This willingness has been a red line throughout the history of European cooperation since WWII. Jean Monnet was one of the first prominent figures to realize that Europe could utilize its potentials more by cooperating with each other. As a result he established the ground works for the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), which particularly focused on economic cooperation in the Coal and Steel sector between the six founding nations of the ECSC . It would be the first of three major communities that were established in the years after WWII within the European continent.
Shortly after the ECSC was established the Korean War broke out, which was ...

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...age . This growth showed the European Countries that cooperation was a new way to create a stable Europe, something that had not existed for a really long time.
The three communities were up to this time still operating separate from each other, even though the same countries were part of the communities. To streamline the different European communities, the countries decided to write the ‘Merger Treaty’ or ‘Brussels Treaty’ in 1965. This treaty established that the three communities remain independent operating organizations but that they would share the same legislative councils. This merger of institutions resulted in a new called ‘European Communities’ or EC, which is mutually seen as the unofficial beginning of the European Union. The EC was mainly created with the idea that it would benefit the efficiency of the communities to operate under the same umbrella.

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