The Next Flight Of Stairs Essay

The Next Flight Of Stairs Essay

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The next flight of stairs includes establishing morals. Now that a solid foundation has been created with values and principles, it is time to determine between right and wrong. Morals are ideals that help us decipher between right and wrong. Throughout life people grow up and experience things, which allow them to develop a moral sense. This experience is referred to as socialization. Morals act as simple ideals that set apart right and wrong. They also act as a “rule of thumb when appraising a situation” (Cooper,1998 p. 10). These axioms acquired through socialization act as references when analyzing possible decisions. Instead of people acting purely on obligations or expectations, morals ensure actions with respect to knowledge of right and wrong. Although most morals are acquired through socialization, this step requires one to examine his or her set of morals. It is a good idea to list any “rules of thumb” you associate with daily life. Some morals possibly obtained through life experience include “always be a good team player” or “it is easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission” (Cooper, 1998, p. 9). Whichever morals you write down should be compared and incorporated with your values and principles. As you continue up the stairwell, it is important to make sure all steps are unified. This will guarantee the most solid formulation of good ethics. Without ideals to help a person conform to the rules of right conduct, they cannot climb past the third floor of morals. Once morals have been analyzed and are in line with values and principles, the journey can continue to the fourth floor. The climb to the fourth floor will result in character traits established from the values, principles and morals determined previously. ...

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... to level five is completed by combining established values, principles, morals and virtues. This combination is complete when a leader has an ethical theory that allows him or her to analyze an issue and understand the values, principles, morals and virtues that determine their beliefs and influence their actions. After climbing up the stairwell it is easy to see how ethics are composed of the continued development of values, principles, morals and virtues. Looking at previous research, a leader will come across different metaphors and explanations of the five terms, but a true understanding of ethics relies the development of the other four terms. Ethics is a big picture topic. It incorporates all four terms that create a leader’s personal philosophy for actions and decision-making. However, once the top floor is reached it may be necessary to revisit lower floors.

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