Newton 's Telescope Project Report Essay

Newton 's Telescope Project Report Essay

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Newton’s Telescope Project Report
One of the outcomes of the Newton’s work was the development of the reflecting telescopes. In essence, the earliest telescopes such as the one used by Galileo consisted of the glass lenses mounted in a tube (Jenny, et al. 12). Further, Newton discovered that when light passed through a lens, the different colors were refracted by differing amounts. In solving this problem of the chromatic aberration, Newton designed a telescope that used mirrors, rather than lenses, to bring the light to a focus. Further, the light from the object being viewed is collected by the concave primary mirror and reflected a smaller secondary plane mirror. Furthermore, the mirror is inclined at 45 degrees to the axis of the telescope and reflects light to an eye lens that forms an image (Casagrande, et al, 7)

Consequently, the optical principles behind the Newton’s mirror based reflective telescope are the same as for the lens-bases, refractive telescope that consists of an objective to form a real image. The image is further observed through an eyepiece. In essence, the refractive model employs the use of a positive single lens as the objective (Costes, Guillaume and Laurent 11). Contrary to the modern telescope, the eyepiece is seldom put to use. Instead, the telescope forms a real image on the film or the entrance of a spectrograph. In essence, the system is not at the focal point.
Moreover, it is the single optical surface of the primary mirror that creates the image, while the flat mere directs light out to the other side, to an accessible observing location. Besides, the ideal shape of the primary mirror is paraboloid that is free from spherical aberration when imaging distant objects (Mark, et a...

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