The News Station Interrupted The Silence With My Friend From High School

The News Station Interrupted The Silence With My Friend From High School

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N. B. C. The news station interrupted the silence with my mother to announce a report of a breaking news passage. My mom glances at me and starts to say, “I am deeply sorry to tell you, but...” The news reporter interrupted to explain that there was a freak accident on I-75 and that it would be closed down for a few hours. I didn’t understand what was happening until they showed a picture of the people who were in the accident. My mouth instantly dropped when I saw my friend from high school, Liza Angulo. We just graduated high school two weeks before, so recognizing her face in the news really affected me in the worst way. Flashbacks of graduation, senior dinner, and prom were surrounding my head when it was announced. If I found out that my friend died by a phone call, I would’ve been emotional, but not as much because I have experience with it, compared to finding out with a public announcement, this proves that several types of genres can affect someone differently. I stare at the Television in utter disbelief, how could my friend, Liza, be gone? She was supposed to go to University of Miami and change the world.
Print. Print. Print. I finally completed my Uncle’s song and named it, “Always Living”. I decided not to use it as a piano piece, instead I used my musical background in band to create a brass ensemble that my friends in my high school would record for me, so I print out the trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba part. I contact each musician and they all agreed to practice and record in the chorus room during lunch the day before I leave for the funeral. I conducted the brass ensemble while we recorded the piece and I was so extremely proud and overjoyed that tears came gushing out of the corner of my ...

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...rmed me and gave others and me a way to cope with these unfortunate events that happen every day in this world. I learned so much about myself as a person and who I want to be when I grow up: I learned that time is precious and that I need to appreciate moments more, I need to stop complaining as much because someone else definitely has it worse, and I want to give back to middle and high school music programs when I am older because without band in my life, I wouldn’t have be able to meet my friend, Liza, I wouldn’t have had such a great bond with my Uncle, and I wouldn’t have been able to compose “Always Living”. Don’t be me and regret not having enough time to tell my Uncle that I love him or had more time to hang out with my friend. Treasure time and what it can bring to the table because it pitch a curveball but that is why life is so beautiful and complicated.

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