The News Reports Crime And Criminal Justice System Essay

The News Reports Crime And Criminal Justice System Essay

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Wrongfully Convicted
The news reports crime daily. Crime is something that we cannot run from in today’s society; so we depend highly upon the justice system. Criminal Justice is a major concern. Criminal Justice consists of three areas: our police, courts and corrections department. The Criminal Justice system was put in place by these agencies, and established by the governments to help control the crimes and applies penalties to those that violate the law. Many people feel that the criminal justice system is there to protect and serve while others feel that the criminal justice system fails them daily.
Over 30 years ago, Alan Newton was convicted of a crime. He was accused of rape and assault when slashing a lady’s face in an abandon building. The victim that was assaulted picked Newton out of a line up. After she identified Newton, he tried to plead his case but was later sentenced to 13 to 40 years in prison. Newton tried to plead his innocence but the justice system sent him straight to jail. He also petitioned for parole on three separate occasions and he was denied. Newton was determined to prove his innocence. Later, the police officer claimed that the rape kit that was used to identify Newton as the rapist was no longer available and had somehow disappeared. This made it harder for Newton to prove his innocence. (BEKIEMPIS, 2016)
In 2005, The Innocence Project decided to pick up Newtown’s case and went to the Bronx District Attorney for answers. They demanded help with locating the rape kit that was used in the case. Due to the extensive search it yielded the evidence and with DNA testing they were able to prove that Newton was innocent. (Innocence Project, 2006)
In 2006, Newton was released from prison. For...

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... the people. With so many cases of wrongful convictions it makes a person wonder who really is the bad guy in all of this.

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