The Newly Formed Education Doctorate ( Edd ) Cohort Program At The University Of Mississippi

The Newly Formed Education Doctorate ( Edd ) Cohort Program At The University Of Mississippi

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Since the induction of the newly formed Education Doctorate (EdD) cohort program at The University of Mississippi, the magnitude and responsibility of becoming part of the first EdD cohort brings great pride, humility, and honor. Realizing the vastness of learning, responsibility, and challenge that coincide with being part of something so much greater than self is unbelievable. By reflecting on the learning processes throughout this program, I understand and appreciate all the hours of planning, research, collaboration, and effort put into designing a prestigious program like the new EdD Program. I am truly ecstatic to learn alongside such brilliant educational practitioners and professors. I am even more humbled to reflect upon the learning process of this program and to share how this program has changed the way I view my educational practice.
According to Leitch and Day (2000), Tremmel defines reflection as……. “The way of teaching demands a long journey that does not have any easily identifiable destination ... It is a journey that I believe must include a backward step into the self and it is a journey that is its own destination” (p. 456). The process of reflecting on learning ideals from this program has helped me analyze my own educational beliefs and practices through the lens of research, collaboration, and discussion. Each time class meets, I often wonder what new processes will apply to me this week. The learning expectations have been set very high and I always walk away with new understanding of leadership concepts that I had not considered. After each session, I ask myself what I can do differently at my school this week! I also question myself as to how I can make learning more practical at my s...

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...separate my professional growth from my EdD program. In fact, I realize, through this program, action research is a tailor made professional development. This program, along with research and collaboration, has helped me become the change agent I need to be. It has helped me see the connection between identifying a problem and properly planning to resolve the problem. Because of the EdD program and the research, NPJHS will become a model school. We will improve the quality of teaching a learning.

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16:4, 287-301.

Leitch, R. & Day, C. (2000) Action research and reflective practice: towards a holistic view,
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