Newborn Bowel Movements - Normal or Not Essay examples

Newborn Bowel Movements - Normal or Not Essay examples

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A newborn baby's watery poop can surprise new parents, especially when the baby is breastfed. However, even veteran parents may be concerned about watery stool, which might be a sign that the baby has diarrhea. It is important, therefore, to determine if a baby's watery poop is normal or something to be concerned about.
Newborn Watery Poop---What’s Normal and What’s Not Normal?
1. Normal. It is normal for a newborn baby to have watery or loose stools in the early months after birth when she is only receiving mother's milk. This stool is often yellowish-brown in color and is similar to mustard in consistency. It is also common to see white particles that look like seeds in the stool. However, there are many normal variations in the stools among breastfed babies, but soon you should see what looks like normal stool for your baby.
2. Not normal. Even if the stool of a breastfed baby is somewhat watery, you will notice when she has diarrhea if there is extra liquid in the stool, which forms a “ring” around the stool in the baby's diaper. The stool may also be greenish, frothy and odorous. Bloody streaks in the stool may also be seen, and if these are accompanied by fever and weakness, your baby may be sick.
3. Causes of watery poop. Watery stool may be caused by an infection, and this is most likely to be accompanied by fever and other symptoms. It can also happen when the mother eats dairy products and sugary foods. Teething in children can also produce stools that are watery because of additional saliva being swallowed.
4. When to see a doctor. Most cases of watery stools improve within a few days to two weeks, especially if the baby remains well and active. However, in children with diarrhea, a serious complication is dehydra...

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...-fed Baby Poop
For breastfeeding babies, normal poop is usually:
Brown, green or mustard yellow
Pasty or seedy
Frequent, occuring after every feeding for some babies or at least 5 times per day
It is important to note that breastmilk is more easily digested than formula milk.
For babies who are feeding on formula, normal poop is usually:
Brown or yellowish-brown
Soft as pudding or nut-butter
Smelling like regular poo
Less frequent, occuring 3-4 times per day

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