New Zealand : A Low Population Rate Essay

New Zealand : A Low Population Rate Essay

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New Zealand has a low population rate compared to other countries. Its population as of 30 June 2014 was estimated to be 4.5 million. In the 21st century, New Zealand is no exception in the ageing population. Every mankind goes through the process of normal transition phase of ageing. People may experience changes in their bodies which brings the process of physical, psychological, and emotional changes as they age. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of elderly who requires aged residential care services. They may require a residential care to provide assistance with their daily activities whose family members are unable to look after them due to personal lives and families. Nevertheless, professional healthcare providers are necessary.
Our organization, the Jervois Residential Care is part of the TerraNova Homes and Care Ltd. We are located at one of New Zealand’s most respected suburbs with beautiful and peaceful neighbourhood. We have been in this industry for four years now and will continue to serve our residents the quality care and services that they need for their wellness. The mission of our organization is to provide the best possible care to all our residents, and to be recognized as a leader in residential care in New Zealand. We have 46 rooms to provide exceptional quality services in the hospital and rest home care for long stay residents while respite and convalescent care for short stay residents. It is not only a residential care for the elderly, but also to those individuals recovering from illness or injury.
Every organization needs a great team member to provide quality and exceptional care to our valued residents. We have an executive management team to manage our institution. They make sure that our inst...

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...form more effective and efficient. It is also important that we take into consideration their book preferences because as health care institution our main goal is to provide client centred service. We also need to put chairs and table suitable for the clients. A carpet will make the room nicer and somehow it would be helpful to protect the clients from more injury when untoward fall will happen. We will also incorporate creative designs and use paints that is refreshing to the eyes.
A project needs resources in order to be implemented. The following process are designed to turn those resources into an outcome in which the clients will benefit. Part of the process of planning a project is taking a risk. All of us don’t know what the outcome will be, but when life brings you struggles it will only makes us more eager to strive hard to reach the goals that we had set.

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