The New York Yankees of 1927 Embody the Spirit of the 1920s Essay

The New York Yankees of 1927 Embody the Spirit of the 1920s Essay

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The New York Yankees of 1927 were a high-powered machine lead by some of the greats of all time in baseball. This baseball team was composed of seven Hall of Famers, six players including: Earle Combs, George Herman (Babe Ruth), Lou Gehrig, Herb Pennock, Tony, Lazzeri, and Waite Hoyt, and their Manager, Miller Higgins. (New York Yankees Hall of Fame Register, 70) The team had a no-mercy philosophy and had a sense of confidence exceptionally high noted by Babe Ruth: "It was murder, we never even worried five or six runs behind. Wham! Wham! Wham! And wham! No matter who was pitching." The 1920's were an "economic boom for Americans. Now people had more time on their hands with the inventions such as the car and other household products. Those who chose not to be swept up in the Jazz revolution chose to lose themselves in sporting events during the '20s. (Marshall, 1) The newfound confidence propelled the 1927 Yankees to embody the spirit of the 1920's.
The New York Yankees lost to St. Louis in the 1926 World Series and came out in 1927 for revenge. (Geisler, 1) The Yankees opened the season on April 12th with an 8-3 victory over the Philadelphia Athletics and they never looked back. (Frommer, 5) The Yankees never fell out of first place after that first day and finished 19 games ahead of Philadelphia who won 91 games respectively. (New York Yankees, 3) An astonishing feat for today's strategic baseball moves, the '27 Yankees went all year without a single roster move. (Geisler, 1) With a tremendous team built by owner, Jacob Ruppert and General Manager, Ed Barrow, the scene was set for a big year. Certainly meeting the New York standards with a record of 110 wins and 44 losses the Yankees had many indiv...

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