The New York Police Department Essay

The New York Police Department Essay

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It has come to wonder why is there always an issue for any police department to make a critical error when it coms to detaining, arresting and searching a so-called suspect. There is an issue with the New York Police Department because “there haven been over 180 occasions, between 2010 and October 2015, in which many police investigators have mistakenly breach into the wrong house for an arrest (Baker, 2016).” In one case, there was a wrong entry into a man’s house, in which he denied entry to the police. However, the police made a force entry into this man’s home stating that he could do anything he wanted. Another case happened in the home of a woman and her children whom were simply in peace until the Police without any notice of entry. In this case, police eventually took advantage of their authority because they only had an arrest warrant not a search warrant, but that did not stop them into breaking the woman’s house.
It was mentioned that the police have been making wrongfully mistakes when it comes to arresting someone and searching a suspect’s home. A civil rights lawyer, Richard Emery stated, “it is crucial to try and avoid those terrible serious effects that people get whom get their homes invaded (Baker, 2016).” The breaches into innocent citizens can end up with serious effects after the experience. The breaches can have a negative impact in the family because police break-ins are not quiet nor gently. Police break-ins are loud, doors get slammed, there is yelling, police officers enter with guns in hands and with any notice to the home been breached. Police officers must have a search warrant given permission by a judge, by proving that the break-in is justified to a suspect’s home. The search warrant of a person’s ...

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...ere would not be many issues on search warrants. For instance, before breaking into a home that they believe something illegal or someone dangerous is inside, they need to first be 100% sure that it is the right address. Having better planning on the search warrants, confirm of the addresses and people whom are being arrested can end up in better results. Police agencies with good qualities such as these will earn more respect, be more professional and have a better judgment from the public. However, the solutions for these mistakes are to have better teaching methods on planning, decision-making, efficiency and effectiveness. The questions that the articles do not answer are why does police officer simply abuse their authority? What is the agencies response to these problems regarding search warrants? And finally, what will they do to fix the lives of those victims.

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