New York City 's Coordinated Anti Graffiti Essays

New York City 's Coordinated Anti Graffiti Essays

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Active A writer who currently paints.

Aerosol paint Aerosol paint is a type of paint that comes in a sealed pressurized container and
is released in an aerosol spray when depressing a valve button. Graffiti artists use aerosol for its speed, portability, and permanence. Artists usually have a broad array of paint, including assorted brands, which they collect and stockpile. There are hard-core artists who hunt and collect paint for years, seeking uncommon and discontinued colors to set their work apart. Other artists, after years of experience, tend to use only one brand.

Anti-Graffiti Task Force In 1995, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani set up the Anti-Graffiti Task Force, a
multi-agency initiative to combat the problem of graffiti vandals in New York City. The City’s coordinated anti-graffiti program combines prevention, education, enforcement, removal, surveying, technical solutions, and community outreach. The Task Force includes representatives of the Mayor’s office, the Department of Consumer Affairs, Business Services, Cultural Affairs, Environmental Protection, Parks and Recreation, Housing Preservation and Development, Buildings, Probation, Sanitation, Transportation, and the Citywide Administrative Services.

Bite To copy another artist’s style. This is considered a ‘no-no’ and is looked down upon, even
though artists often borrow imagery from cartoons and comics.

Bomb To paint many surfaces in an area. Bombers often choose to paint throw-ups and tags instead of complex pieces, as they can be executed more quickly.

Broken windows theory The “broken windows” theory, a catchphrase characterized by Mayor
Rudolph Giuliani’s administration, held that an unfixed broken window in a building gives the city bloc...

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...ith crime, many demanded that the government take a more serious stance towards it. By the 1980s, increased police surveillance and implementation of increased security measures combined with continuous clean up efforts led to the weakening of New York’s graffiti subculture. Due to the burgeoning crack epidemic, penalties for graffiti artists were made more severe, and restrictions on paint sales and displays made obtaining materials difficult for artists.

Defacement Damaging the appearance or surface of something.

Drips Stylized drips drawn onto letters to add effect. Painting application that causes unintentional drips is considered the mark of a toy, but stylized drips drawn on letters are acceptable.

Etch Writings made with acid solutions, typically on window, to create a frosted glass appearance. Most commonly found on subway car doors and windows.

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