New York : City Of The United States Essay

New York : City Of The United States Essay

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New York is most famous and highly crowded city of the United States. New York has so many men made creatures which you will not able to see anywhere else in the United States. It starts with 102 story Empire State building, 24 hrs open Time Square, Number of museums, amazing Brooklyn bridge which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and can 't complete without magnificent sculpture of the US is the Statue of Liberty.

How to get there

By flight

There are three airports near by city. John F Kennedy International airport and Newark Liberty International airport and all are offering both domestic and international flights. LaGuardia airport offers mostly domestic flights and also few Canadian and Caribbean flights.

Most of the near by hotels provide shuttle services from airport to the Hotel otherwise you will get public transportation such as buses, subways, trains or cabs.

By Train

There are two main railway terminals in New York. Grand central terminal and Penn Station. Both serve number of bus and subway lines.

Grand central terminal connected to the Metro North Rail board which covers New York suburbs and Connecticut routes.

Penn Station connected to three different railway lines. First is Long Island Rail Road, which connects to Long Island; Second is NJ Transit which connects few points of New Jersey and the third is Amtrak, which is US national passenger train which connects many cities of the United States.

Tip to explore New York

As you have to roam around Taxi will be costly for single person be ready to walk;wear proper shoes which are comfortable to walk. If you are in a group and planning to hire a Taxi every time that is fine.
As there are only street parking or paid parking at each and every place, do prefer ...

... middle of paper ...

... ferry to reach Liberty Island and Ellis Island. There are two departure points for ferry one is Battery Park , at the south most end of Manhattan and the other is a Liberty state park in New Jersey.

Statue of Liberty

View of NY city from ferry

Brooklyn Bridge

In 1883 Brooklyn Bridge has opened and it was the longest suspension bridge at that time.It connects Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East river. There is no entry fees for visiting Brooklyn bridge. You can take a bus or train to reach there.

Brooklyn Bridge
Grand Central Terminal

In normal language Grand Central Terminal is a railway station, but you don 't feel when you enter to the terminal. Its totally different and I had never seen like one. These are computer railroad terminal and located in Midtown Manhattan. It has 44 platforms.

Grand Central Station

View of Grand Central station

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