Essay about The New York City Hall

Essay about The New York City Hall

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Journal Entry 3: Lower Manhattan

Our third adventure in the course was in Lower Manhattan also known as the Civic Center. Coming from Queens I usually take the N train coming from Astoria to the city so I was running a bit late. I was never great with directions or the subway in general but I impressed myself when I was able to take the train downtown and meet up the rest of the class. I met up with my class in the Civic Center where City Hall stood. I rarely go to lower side of the city mostly because I always found it to be a bit duller compared to the rest of Manhattan. In this neighborhood one will find mostly government offices and some historical sites. Our first visit was the New York City Hall which is where the mayor’s office and city council office is located. This building is actually the city’s third hall. I was excited because we were about to go inside the building where politicians meet up and discuss any matter regarding the city. Before the current City Hall the Dutch who settled in New York in the middle of the 17th century had built the first city hall. The second city hall was built on what is now Wall Street in the early 1700s. Today this building is known as Federal Hall (40).

The outside of the building was defiantly influenced by French Renaissance architecture. After passing by security they eventually allowed us into the building the detail and structure of the great white building captured my eyes and even entering into the building I noticed the high dome and elegant columns. I admired the Corinthian columns that supported the dome. As we walked upstairs we noticed that all the chairs and tables placed in the rooms were all historic furniture and portraits. It was amazing just walking ar...

... middle of paper ... tell you what they remember doing that day. Within the memorial are two large one-acre pool sets that represent the footprints of the two towers. These two waterfall pools are the largest manmade waterfalls in the U.S. Surrounding these waterfall are the names of the victims inscribed onto the edge of the pools. The city also had over 400 swamp white oak trees sounding the memorial.

The day finally came to an end and after the memorial we all walked down to Battery Park. From the park one is able to see Governors, Liberty, and Ellis Island. We also had a chance to visit Bowling Green Park, which is named from the game of bowls. It is said that the British played the game during colonial times (54). It is also said in the very same spot where we stood was where Peter Minuit purchased Manhattan from the Native American tribes for only twenty-four dollars (54).

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