New York City First Responders Essay

New York City First Responders Essay

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We all remember where we were, we all remember what we were doing, it was that crisp autumn day in September. A day that started just like all the other days but by lunch time had changed the face of the World. September 11th changed who we are, it was an attack on our nation like no other. Never in our darkest dreams could, we have dreamt that commercial airliners would be hijacked and flown into civilian office buildings. All of a sudden that was reality. New York City first responders were tasked with a monumental challenge, to put out the fires of twin towers over 70 stories in the air. There was no plan to tackle a challenge like this. By lunch time September 11th was a national tragedy, nearly 3000 Americans were killed, and the country that was the idea of freedom had been attacked. “Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward” (George W. Bush). President George W. Bush delivers a passionate speech to comfort the nation, he does this by using pathos, logos, and ethos.
September 11th might be considered one of the most chaotic days in America’s recent history if not the most chaotic in the history of this nation. No one knew what was happening, as stated above no one knew that commercial airliners could be turned into weapons. People were at a loss for words, even the federal government was dumbfounded, leaders struggled to comprehend what was happening. President Bush was in, unreachable, due to the reason that he was aboard Airforce One in circles because the military did not know whether or not it would be safe to land. Around 11:30 President Bush lands at Barksdale Airforce Base and decides to address a nation in horror. President Bush speaks goes on live television and speaks to the nation for about t...

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... standing with his nation and he will protect this country at all costs. This standing with his nation and fellow Americans ring the idea of unity and resolve. The resolve of a nation is crucial in times of need; a nation must be able to fight through the challenge at hand in order to stay a nation. President Bush address the nations resolve in the last line of his speech to the nation, “the resolve of our great nation is being test, but make no mistake. We will show the world that we will pass this test”. On the surface it sounds like an inspirational message to the world, but after rereading it a few times the word “we” stands out. “We will show the world that we will pass this test”. President Bush is not saying that the military or leaders will defeat and fix the problem at hand but the entire nation will come together as one to rise above the challenges at hand.

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