New York City : A Turning Point For Many Essay

New York City : A Turning Point For Many Essay

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New York City has always been a turning point for many, may it be a native-American wishing to make a fortune or an arriving immigrant looking for better life conditions than the ones from his home country; it was particularly true for the many Irish immigrants fleeing Ireland. However, their growing numbers and willingness to accept any kind of work presented to them, attracted hostility from the rest of the New Yorkers leading them to be depicted mostly as troublemakers and a threat to the city. The fact that they resided mostly in Five Points, the most infamous slum of the time, did not help their case either. Still, their reputation was grossly exaggerated and merits to be set right. The Irish population in New York had survived through a lot of obstacles in order to get to the city and agglomerated in Five Points for its cheap rents and work opportunities, therefore this onerous reputation attributed to them was not representative of those hard working people. An overview of the reasons that led them to migrate to New York, their work conditions and involvement in the city can help shed light to these often badly judged people.
To begin with, we are to state the reasons that induced such a large number of people to immigrate. In the 1800’s the state of Ireland was not a shining one, governed by Britain’s parliament, the Irish population had its legislature revoked and replaced by English legislature. Already a good amount of people chose to immigrate due to the lack of work available and the inadequate treatment received from Britain, numbers of law had been passed in order to ascertain English rule over Ireland which blocked its economic growth. Moreover tales of America reached the Irish population and encouraged further im...

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... about a dozen per block.” In the nineteenth century, New York groceries sold liquors by the glass and always kept a barrel of beer ready for thirsty customers, they would also have pool tables to entertain them and maybe encourage them to spend a little money in the establishment. Although they looked more like bars than actual groceries those business still featured the essential goods needed by the population such as food supply, soap, tobacco and many more. However, those saloons as good a place they could be, they were also the place for fistfights and drunken crimes. Five Points was as mixing pot of different cultures and street gangs brooding in an overcrowded place, a little spark was all it took for it to make it explode and the saloons and groceries were the perfect place for it to happen as they were the places where people usually gathered to socialize.

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