The New World : Spain And Portugal Essay

The New World : Spain And Portugal Essay

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The New World
Spain and Portugal’s sea voyage with the help of Europe 's ideas of the globe were the leading reasons for discovering the world we know today. What lead to Spain and Portugal sea voyage was that they wanted to control trade with East Asia and stop dealing with the Muslims that controlled the trade in East Asia. After the Portuguese sailed around Africa they discovered the Indian Ocean. This gave the Portuguese what they wanted, a waterway that led trade ships to East Asia. Six years before this the Spanish thought that they were able to sail west to reach Eastern Asia. This irrational idea led to one of the best discoveries of all time, the discovery of the New World. This discovery gave the Spaniards the opportunity to develop a Western, Hispanic empire, which later became as significant as the Mongols.
Christopher Columbus, a cartographer knew the earth was round and calculated the distance from Portugal to China. He then convinced Europeans that he could reach Eastern Asia by going the less expensive and shorter way, west. The only problem with Christopher Columbus’s idea of the world was that he thinks the circumference of the world is eighteen thousand seven hundred and fifty miles but in reality it is twenty-five thousand miles, making all of Christopher Columbus 's calculations wrong. (Judge) Even though Christopher Columbus’s calculations were wrong Luis de Santander the finance minister decided the tiny investment needed to find the passageway is nothing compared to how much they will be making and how many people they would be able to convert to Catholicism, if Christopher Columbus makes it to East Asia. Columbus left with three ships from Spain on August 13, 1492 and landed in the Bahamas on October 12, ...

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...ese people provide the Europeans with corn, meat, and fish but later after more Europeans traveled overseas to the New World the powhatan people began to become very sick. Many powhatan people ended up dying from the diseases the Europeans brought over and were forced to give up their land to move to a safer place. This gave the European people tons of land to work with for farming, building, and living. European people started to create fine wines and farmed potatoes bringing some European culture they knew and loved from home to the New World they lived in now.
Isaac Newton once said “No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess.” Isaac Newton was spot on with this quote because without Christopher Columbus having a bold guess of being able to sail to East Asia by traveling west, people would have never discovered the greatest discovery on earth, America.

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