The New World Of The Colonial America Essay

The New World Of The Colonial America Essay

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In general, the time during the Colonial America were very interested, a lot of great famous people achieve their success during these period. The famous Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus started their adventures voyage in search for a new trade route from the West to the East to increase the trade markets. Therefore, the New World call America was discover and the major countries wanted to stake their claim to parts of the new world. The Europeans countries such as Spanish, Portugal, France and England supported expeditions for voyages to the New World in to increase their wealth and broadened their influence in world affairs (Colonial America, “n.d.”). Therefore, the Spanish was first to settle in the New World however, England established their first colony in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 (Colonial America, “n.d.”). The New World already had habitants known as Native Americas and the new settlers came to depend on them for their survival. The Native Americans taught the settlers how to hunt, cultivate the land by growing crops such as corn, potatoes, squash, tobacco and others which became a part of the new settlers’ diet. The colonies flourish and they needed workers to help cultivate the new land. Therefore, people known as indenture servants offer their service to be laborers for four to seven years in return for freedom, land and a fresh start. However, more laborers were needed to aid the new colonies and the introduction of African slaves was introduced in colonies. For the most part, slaves were what the colonies needed and they grew into the millions and eventually some gained their freedom for their service.

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In contrast, this article touches on the immigration of settlers from Europe and Africa to America and this attributed to the existence of the United States. The immigrants came from Great, northern Europe and Africa and they formed the British outposts (History of Immigration, “n.d.”). In fact, the massive immigrants moved to America from 1630 to 1640 became known as the Great Migration. In short, majority of the immigrants were Puritan immigrants that settle in New England and Massachusetts Bay Colony (History of Immigration, “n.d.”). In general, two hundred ships with 20,000 people arrived in Massachusetts and they migrated to the northeastern region and later spread westward and throughout the country Colony (History of Immigration, “n.d.”).

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