Essay about The New World A Prosperous Venture For Other Empires

Essay about The New World A Prosperous Venture For Other Empires

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French in America
Deeming the New World a prosperous venture for other empires, the French decided to try their hand at colonization. After a few failed attempts in Spanish Florida, Jacques Cartier set off in search of the Northwest Passage, and in doing so founded the great lakes and the Canadian colonies of Quebec and Montreal. The French took a very different approach than their counter-parts and attempted to make friends by building bonds and alliances with the natives in hopes to build a profitable fur trade throughout their colonies. Settlements were small and sparsely populated, but trapping and fur trade proved to be a valuable undertaking.
An Empire Emerges
As conflict grew in England and Imperial wars pressed on overseas, British continued to flee their home land in pursuit of land, and religious safe-haven offered by the colonies. The influx of people brought on massive expansion in all colonies. Puritans settled in Plymouth establishing the northern colonies of New England, William Penn establishes Pennsylvania, and Quakers settled New Jersey. The more populations grew, the more successful the colonies became. Even though the Spanish had a vast amount of land, British colonies were by far dominating in population, and prosperity. A period of salutary neglect allowed colonists to establish their own governing committees, security systems, establish their own taxes, print their own money, regulate their own Indian relations, and more or less establish a system that worked within each colony. New Netherlands was seized from the Dutch in 1664 giving power to the Duke of York and ending the Dutch Empire in New England. Colonies were also established in the Carolinas and Georgia to prevent Spanish from moving North from F...

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...panish methods of rule proved to be problematic for establishing fruitful social and political structures. Though the French showed promise in their small trading networks, they simply didn’t have the manpower to sustain a domineering colonial presence in the Americas. Even though they had a formidable start, the British colonies became the model of empire in North America, proving to be the most successful overall. The constant importation of people to the colonies gave them strength in numbers. Britain’s substantial rates of immigration led to sustainable populations, colonial expansion, and ultimate power in the colonies. The overall demise of the British Empire stemmed from greed, and misuse of power which in turn led to the American Revolution. Finally independence, and the freedom to establish their united republic government of the people and for the people.

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