New Work Initiative Should Not Have Been An All Or Nothing Essay

New Work Initiative Should Not Have Been An All Or Nothing Essay

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1. Though Yahoo! currently struggles to remain relevant as a result of its inability to change its organizational strategy as time passes and make the necessary changes to improve the company, Yahoo! 's new work initiative should not have been an "all or nothing" proposition. Lewin 's three-stage process of change explains that in order to execute change in an organization, the first step that an organization needs to make is ensure that the employees are prepared for the change. Mayer 's plan to improve the company did not include involving the Yahoo! employees to have an input in the employee initiative that was launched in 2013. While the company desperately needed to change its organization design and culture, the process would have been more effective and less distressing for the employees if Mayer had better prepared the work-from-home employees for the change. As a large quantity of Yahoo! 's employees work from home, such as the customer representative and the younger workers, implementing a rule that forces all workers who work remotely to return to the Yahoo! office tremendously affected the Yahoo! employees. By commanding the employees to comeback immediately without a transitional period and allowing employees to have a period of time to adjust to the ideas, Mayer faces criticism from longtime employees whose work culture has dramatically changed. Rather than implementing an "all or nothing" proposition, Mayer should have followed Lewin 's three stage process of unfreezing, change, and freezing in order to ensure that the change work initiative will be efficient and effective.
2. As working from home or from a remote location have become more popular over time, managers and organizations needs to be able to help and g...

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...ployment and being able to obtain a job that meets one 's skill and talent. Thus, employees would have "face time" with their boss and colleagues will more likely benefits the relationship that they have form by seeing and talking to each other face-to-face.
5. The option to be able to work remotely would personally be important to me. While I would prefer to work in an office setting, it would be helpful if I have the ability to work from home if I need to. For example, if I want to visit families living far away for a week or two, I can simply bring my work with me and work from home rather than having to take vacation days off or not being able to go because I would miss a deadline. People 's work preferences often change over a period of time, so it would be important for me to be able to work from home for a few days or a period of time if that is what I desire.

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