Essay on The New Way And The Old Way

Essay on The New Way And The Old Way

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The new way and the old way. Modern day education is in turmoil with its self, and the fight is between online and traditional education. The past few years have brought a new wave of learning experiences for students in the realm of the internet. Standard education helps the students tremendously by giving them the face to face interaction that gives more insight to the subjects that are being taught. The differences and similarities that come along with these two are ones that are dealt with every day in classrooms every day.
Traditional education is something that has stood to be in a class room with a board to write on and chairs to sit in. Traditional learning helps the students get hands on experience with the teacher in the class room. For instance, dissecting a sheep brain is something you could never do in an online class. The teacher interaction is something that has helped all sorts of students in the realm of learning. In a class room setting, there is a set time for the students to be taught by the teacher, therefore, the students know what to expect when they walk into...

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